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Here is the personal blog of.......? I’m 29 years old and live in a little town in England. Cycling, travel, photography, fashion, design, art, Japan, magazines & awesome things in general are my addictions of choice........(If any of your images are on here and you wish me to credit them, please just let me know. I'm just re-blogging things 99% of the time) rogerjohnkearey.com

New feather duster and soap alert. #smn #engineeredgarments #santamarianovella #monkmade #labourandwait (at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch)
Trains cancelled. Off to have a coffee at #acehotel (at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch)



  • FWK Reversible Coat/Floral Jacquard - Dk. Navy Ctn/Linen Coated Canvas
  • FWK BD Shirt Dress - Navy Polka Dot Brushed Twill
  • Engineered Garments E-1 Pant - Olive Poplin
  • Engineered Garments Button Shawl - Dk. Green Sweater Knit
  • Vestibule Transparent Rosario - Red Brass
  • Anglo Leathercraft 13 Ply Belts - Brown

Summers end.
New book. #monocle #monoclemagazine


visvim - handsewn goodyear-welt construction showcase
(my archive)

wish they could resole my virgils!
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