I like it preppy

Here is the personal blog of.......? I’m 29 years old and live in a little town in England. Cycling, travel, photography, fashion, design, art, Japan, magazines & awesome things in general are my addictions of choice........(If any of your images are on here and you wish me to credit them, please just let me know. I'm just re-blogging things 99% of the time) rogerjohnkearey.com

I bought 6 metres of this awesomeness from W Bills today. I’ll probably make my second suit out of this and save the Professor from giving me the concerned (good luck matching this on you first suit) looks…. #tweed #wbills #beams

Fuck. @adamblythe89 ‘s new Nikes. #thefuckendope


Homage to Francis Bacon (Study of Isabel Rawsthorne) - Takashi Murakami
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