I like it preppy

Here is the personal blog of.......? I’m 29 years old and live in a little town in England. Cycling, travel, photography, fashion, design, art, Japan, magazines & awesome things in general are my addictions of choice........(If any of your images are on here and you wish me to credit them, please just let me know. I'm just re-blogging things 99% of the time) rogerjohnkearey.com

I’m moving to Hong Kong in July 2015….

…………to stalk The Armoury chaps.

Seriously, I am moving to Hong Kong and seriously, I will probably be stalking them.

Looks like a local newsagents in England 

Bokashi progress tonight💨 by ichi_hatano http://instagram.com/p/oQoviHwOU5/

Engineered Garments olive ripstop and blue plaid http://www.loftman.co.jp/bd/14289
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