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Here is the personal blog of.......? I’m 29 years old and live in a little town in England. Cycling, travel, photography, fashion, design, art, Japan, magazines & awesome things in general are my addictions of choice........(If any of your images are on here and you wish me to credit them, please just let me know. I'm just re-blogging things 99% of the time) rogerjohnkearey.com


Bespoke Tie Your Tie for Jake:
Mr. Kenji Kaga from Tie Your Tie will be at our shop in the Pedder Building, Hong Kong this Friday and Saturday (18th and 19th of July) with unique silks taking orders for bespoke ties.  Don’t miss out!
Jake wearing everything from The Armoury:
Orazio Luciano for the Armoury jacketAmbrosi trousersLiverano bracesLiverano RTW shirt

Vintage Martial Arts Jacket. Dyed with Japanese ai-zome indigo, the dye fades beautifully over time. #vintage #japanese #indigo #fade #antique #kiriko #kirikomade www.kirikomade.com

Puppy sitting! Meet @melissaoholendt’s sweet pup, Charlie. She’s perfect.

Before They Pass Away : Photographer, Jimmy Nelson, set out on a three year quest to photograph tribes at the edge of existence.

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